Evangelicals and Catholics

"Evangelicals and Catholics" is a series I am writing which is dedicated to fostering ecumenical dialogue between these two great traditions. Efforts will be made to draw in traditions of eastern Christianity as well when appropriate.

My interest on this topic has been developed since my youth (which is discussed in the first post), however the main inspiration for the series has come from the recent dialogue occurring between these two traditions naturally out there in the world. In 1995, Charles Colson came together with Richard John Neuhaus to write the book Evangelicals and Catholics Together: Toward a Common Mission. The book was a follow-up to the earlier released Evangelicals and Catholics Together document (ECT) which outlined shared theological doctrines and how these two communities could serve and reach the culture for Christ.

Posts in this series:

1. Evangelicals and Catholics: Introduction to a New Series
2. Evangelicals and Catholics: Post-Catholic Evangelicals
3. Evangelicals and Catholics: The Pope and the Bible

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